Wednesday, September 3, 2014

blog 4

A person who is considered a bully is a person who has the most problems, they hide there problems and make others feel horrible about themselves. In this video there are three girls considered bullies, in a group of bullies there is only one person who is truly hurting, and the others just join to look cool or feel cool. Bullying is something that shouldn't happen to anyone but we can't control others and the way they feel. A person who is getting bullied should speak their mind but they are to afraid. Bystanders though should not just watch and laugh, if you were getting bullied you would want someone to help but you got to make the first move. Bullying happens almost everywhere and anywhere a bully is not just a student in you school or class, a bully can be a parent, teacher, and/or a sibling. Bullies are everywhere if you are a bystander speak up and help others that don't have a voice for themselves.

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